Let’s talk shower glass for a moment. You have choices!!
With the many glass and hardware options available it can be an overwhelming and sometimes frustrating venture. It is important to have the advice of an experienced shower glass installer who can help you navigate through all of your options.

There is one question I ask first “Which direction will the shower head point in conjunction with your door?” In some spaces, a framed or semi-framed shower enclosure will be your only option. We have many beautiful and functional design choices for these as well. If a frameless shower enclosure is your choice there will be many details and options to consider. We look forward to discussing these details in person at our site visit with you.

The majority of shower glass installations will be a clear tempered glass however in some examples our clients have opted for a privacy panel or strip. We would be happy to provide a quote to suit your specific requirements.

Final note, shower door hardware is not created equal. I firmly believe you get what you pay for. Cheap price means cheap material. We always source the best available materials to ensure our customer’s complete satisfaction. Ask us about our local suppliers and what your options are. Visit our website to see more of our work. Contact us through our form or call us to inquire about your next shower door installation project.

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