Laminated glass is also a type of safety glass.  When laminated glass shatters, it is held together in one removable piece because of an extra interlayer of PVB (polyvinyl butyral).  By having this layer of PVB in between two or more layers of glass the interlayer keeps the layers of glass bonded in the case of breakage.  The PVB layer is very strong and it prevents the glass from breaking into large pieces that would normally be very sharp and dangerous.   When laminated glass breaks it creates a spider web pattern as the glass holds together, no matter how bad the breakage is.

That is why this glass is used in windshields.  Skylights are another common application for this glass.  Imagine if something fell on your skylight and you were standing underneath it, and it was not made of laminated glass.  The consequences would be devastating.

Other pro’s to laminated glass is it creates a strong sound barrier.  It also blocks 99% of UV rays from light sources.

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